And We Won't Stop

cam, 17, unfortunately pennsylvania

18. July 2014

i never really go on tumblr anymore but i did forget to write about west virginia so im doing it now. so in the beginning of june i went to this amazing farm with some other people from my school. on the farm we lived with a bunch of other people from across the US, and each day we went out into the local community and helped people repair their houses. once i got asked the question “what sets you on fire?” “What are you passionate about?” and i honestly didn’t really have an answer for the person, but now i think i do. after going on this trip, i realize that i love helping people, and i love doing service. its making me consider taking a year or 2 off after college to just go out and do service and live in random places and meet random people, and have a great time while doing all of that. for a while i asked myself why do i do service? and i think ive figured that out….. their is so much more to life then partying and highschool and boys theyre are people out there that need help.. they need my help, i think about how blessed i am and i just want to share this with other people. i love helping people, and i love service, and that is what sets me on fire

it is truly amazing what one can do if one listens

extremely confused would be a huge understatement